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The Roommate (2011)

My Rating : 3/5 STAR
MovieStudio Quote >> “A thriller gone wrong with casting, but had a good plot and sound tracks!”

Sarah’s first year in college and she get’s a roommate named Rebeca who seems really nice at first. Sarah has a few other friends at her college so far and she hangs out with them a lot which makes Rebeca jealous so she scares them away. Sarah soon has a new boyfriend although her ex boyfriend, Jason, is still calling her all the time to make it right. Rebeca soon becomes extremely overprotective always getting mad when Sarah is gone for a long time or doesnt call her to tell her where she is. Overtime Sarah realizes that somethings different about Rebeca but doesnt find out what until she goes to Rebeca’s house for Thanksgiving.

The Roommate

Rebeca’s parents are really scared of Rebeca and also very concerned, constantly asking Sarah how she is doing and if she is taking her medicine. Sarah has no idea what medicine she is talking about until she goes back to there room and finds a full bottle of pills for bi-polar disorders. Then she really gets mad when Rebeka gets the same tattoo as she has which is the name ‘Emily’ above her chest which is her dead sister’s name. Rebeca get’s this tattoo because she tells Sarah she can be Sarah’s dead sister, replacing her.

The Roommate

This makes her so mad so she decides to move out and into her friend’s house and while she’s here Rebeka kills Jayson and trys to kill the friend she’s living with but Sarah comes to save her. They get in a huge fight involving Sarah, Rebeca, Sarah’s new boyfriend, and Sarah’s friend she’s living with ending up with Rebeca dying.