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Chloe (2009)

My Rating : 2.5/5 STAR
MovieStudio Quote >> “The flick fails at the end, and it’s predictable all the way!”

A successful doctor (Moore) begins to believe her husband (Neeson) is having an affair. She then decides to try and catch him by hiring an escort (Seyfried) to seduce him. Naturally, complications happen that put the entire family at risk.


Catherine (Moore) puts up with the flirtatious personality of her husband David (Neeson) until she gets evidence that he’s had an affair. And now she wants details. So she hires high-class hooker Chloe (Seyfried) to seduce him and tell her what happens.


“He’s not the client,” she reminds Chloe, and indeed it’s the relationship between the women that turns strangely obsessive. Lines are blurred between who’s falling in love with whom, and by the time each person starts to realise what’s happening, they’re in trouble.