Cellular (2004)

My Rating : 4/5 STAR
MovieStudio Quote >> “Smart, Thrilling and action adrenaline all the way. Chris is cool in this!”

Ryan (Chris Evans) receives a phone call from a stranger on his cellular phone. The woman calling is Jessica Martin (Kim Basinger), a science teacher who has been kidnapped by Greer (Jason Statham). Greer has taken Jessica to a county house and locked her in the attic, but before he leaves, he smashes the phone with a sledgehammer. Jessica is able to put some of the pieces of the phone back together and make a call to the outside world.


After several hours of touching the phone wires together, Ryan’s cell phone is the only person she is able to contact. Ryan first thinks it is a joke, but Jessica gets Ryan’s attention when she tells him that they are going to kill her husband and son. The batteries in Ryan’s cell phone are about to go out when Ryan takes the law into his own hands. Saving the lives of Jessica and her family becomes Ryan’s number one mission in life.


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