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Kick-Ass (2010)

My Rating: 4/5 STARS
MovieStudio Quote >> “Dudeness! This movies is total cool, I’m a fan of Aaron coz he’s me. Heh 🙂!”

“How come nobody’s ever tried to be a superhero?” When Dave Lizewski – ordinary New York teenager and rabid comic-book geek – becomes the no nonsense vigilante Kick-Ass, he soon finds an answer to his own question: because it hurts.


Overcoming all odds, though, Kick-Ass quickly becomes a phenomenon – only to be reminded that he’s not the only superhero out there. As Kick-Ass gets drawn into this no-holds-barred world, the stage is set for a final showdown between the forces of good and evil.

The A-Team (2010)

My Rating: 3/5 STARS
MovieStudio Quote >> “70% of the stunts are CG, but the movie do pump adrenaline and is fun!”

Four American soldiers who are in Iraq are sent on a mission to recover plates for printing 100 dollar bills that were used to print a billion dollars. After doing the job and returning to the base their commanding officer is killed in an explosion and the plates are stolen by another operative.

The A-Team

They would be court martialed and sent to different prisons. 6 months later, the leader, Hannibal Smith is visited by a CIA spook who tells him he knows where the man who took the plates is and wants him and his men to recover it. So he helps him escape and he breaks out the others and they go after the plates.

The A-Team

But after doing it, they discover that the spook might not be ok. And a military intelligence officer who was involved with one of them is pursuing them.

Our Family Wedding (2010)

My Rating: 2/5 STARS
MovieStudio Quote >> “A total below average flick, and it’s my first time flop of Whitaker!”

“Our marriage, their wedding.” It’s lesson number one for any newly engaged couple, and Lucia and Marcus are no exception. In Our Family Wedding, they learn the hard way that the path to saying “I do” can be rife with familial strife. When they return from college and too suddenly announce their marriage plans, they soon discover that their fathers – two highly competitive over-the-top egos – can wreak a major amount of havoc on their special day.

Our Family Wedding

With insults flying and tempers running high, it’s anyone’s guess if the alpha dads will survive to make it down the aisle in one piece. Lucia’s mother is busy planning the wedding of “her” dreams and the only levelheaded one in the bunch is Angela, the groom’s father’s best friend and lawyer, who manages to keep her cool when the madness reaches a crescendo.

Our Family Wedding

With only weeks to plan their wedding, Lucia and Marcus soon discover the true meaning of love and find there is truth to the saying – that when you marry someone, you marry their entire family.

The Other End of the Line (2008)

My Rating: 3/5 STARS
MovieStudio Quote >> “Performances were good from Jesse and Shriya, but the movie lacked a romantic punch!”

A beautiful credit card phone operator lives in India but pretends to be American to her callers. Soon she travels to the United States without telling her family in order to meet a New York man that she’s met over the phone.

The Other End of the Line

But problems arise when they meet in San Francisco and she decides not to reveal her true identity.

The Ghost Writer (2010)

My Rating: 4/5 STARS
MovieStudio Quote >> “My first Polanski movie, and I’m impressed with the work he’s put in here. The movie goes thrilling till the end!”

When a successful British ghost writer, THE GHOST, agrees to complete the memoirs of former British Prime Minister Adam Lang, his agent assures him it’s the opportunity of a lifetime. But the project seems doomed from the start — not least because his predecessor on the project, Lang’s long-term aide, died in an unfortunate accident. The Ghost flies out to work on the project, in the middle of winter, to an oceanfront house on an island off the U.S. Eastern seaboard. But the day after he arrives, a former British cabinet minister accuses Lang of authorizing the illegal seizure of suspected terrorists and handing them over for torture by the CIA — a war crime.

The Ghost Writer

The controversy brings reporters and protesters swarming to the island mansion where Lang is staying with his wife, RUTH, and his personal assistant (and mistress), AMELIA. As The Ghost works, he begins to uncover clues suggesting his predecessor may have stumbled on a dark secret linking Lang to the CIA — and that somehow this information is hidden in the manuscript he left behind. Was Lang in the service of the American intelligence agency while he was prime minister? And was The Ghost’s predecessor murdered because of the appalling truth he uncovered?

The Ghost Writer

Resonating with topical themes, this atmospheric and suspenseful political thriller is a story of deceit and betrayal on every level — sexual, political, and literary. In a world in which nothing, and no one, is as it seems, The Ghost quickly discovers that the past can be deadly — and that history is decided by whoever stays alive to write it.

Matchstick Men (2003)

My Rating: 5/5 STARS
MovieStudio Quote >> “A fantastic thriller from Ridley Scott. I was just carried away by the performances of Cage and Alison!”

Meet Roy and Frank, a couple of professional small-time con artists. What Roy, a veteran of the grift, and Frank, his ambitious protégé, are swindling these days are “water filtration systems,” bargain-basement water filters bought by unsuspecting people who pay ten times their value in order to win bogus prizes like cars, jewelry and overseas vacations–which they never collect. These scams net the flim-flam men a few hundred here, another thousand there, which eventually adds up to a lucrative partnership. Roy’s private life, however, is not so successful. An obsessive-compulsive agoraphobe with no personal relationships to call his own, Roy is barely hanging on to his wits, and when his idiosyncrasies begin to threaten his criminal productivity he’s forced to seek the help of a psychoanalyst just to keep him in working order.

Matchstick Men

While Roy is looking for a quick fix, his therapy begets more than he bargained for: the revelation that he has a teenage daughter–a child whose existence he suspected but never dared confirm. What’s more troubling, 14-year-old Angela wants to meet the father she never knew. At first, Angela’s appearance disrupts her neurotic father’s carefully ordered routine. Soon, however, with his own unique spin on parenthood, Roy begins to enjoy a relationship he never dreamed of having with his daughter. But while he develops paternal feelings for the 14-year-old, she’s developing a fascination with Daddy’s questionable career.

Date Night (2010)

My Rating: 4.5/5 STARS
MovieStudio Quote >> “A terribly funny family entertainer, Steve and many others ‘guests’ make the screen a lot funnier!”

Phil and Claire Foster are a couple who have been married for several years. Their days consists of them taking care of their children and going to work and coming home and going to bed. But they find time to have a date night wherein they go out and spend some time together. When another couple they know announce that they’re separating because they’re in a rut, Phil feels that he and Claire could be too.

Date Night

So when date night comes Phil decides to do something different. So they go into the city and try to get into a new popular restaurant. But when it’s full and still wanting to do this, Phil decides to take the reservation of a couple who doesn’t show up. While they’re having dinner two men approach them and instructs them to stand up and go with them. They think the men are with the restaurant and want to talk to them about taking someone else’s reservation. But it appears the couple whose reservation they took crossed someone and the two men work for this person. The men are after something, but whatever it is they don’t have it.

Tsotsi (2005)

My Rating: 5/5 STARS
MovieStudio Quote >> “A vibrant, terrifying and violent piece of emotional work. Award-deserving!”

In Johannesburg, the small time criminal Tsotsi is a teenager without feelings, hardened by his tough life. After killing a man with his gang in a robbery; hitting the gangster Boston of his gang; humiliating a crippled beggar along one night, Tsotsi hijacks a car and under the despair of a woman, he shoots her in the stomach.


While driving the car, Tsotsi finds that there is a baby on the back seat and the woman was a desperate mother. He brings the baby to his house in the slum and becomes attached to him. For six days, the baby changes his behavior, arousing and developing the sense of empathy and humanity in the cold blood killer.

Charlie Bartlett (2007)

My Rating: 4/5 STARS
MovieStudio Quote >> “A very clever comedy tuned up with colors of youth and brilliance!”

Although cheerful, friendly, well-dressed, and authentic, Charlie Bartlett has problems: his father is gone, his mother is loopy and clueless, he’s been expelled from private schools for victimless crimes, he’s getting punched out daily at his new school, the local public high – and, he longs to be popular.

Charlie Bartlett

He makes peace with his tormentor by going into business with him: listening to kids’ problems and selling them prescription drugs. Charlie’s attracted to Susan, the daughter of the school’s laissez-faire principal.

Charlie Bartlett

New security cameras on campus, a student’s overdose, and Charlie’s open world view get him in serious trouble. Can the physician heal himself and just be a kid?

Spiral (2007)

My Rating: 3.5/5 STARS
MovieStudio Quote >> “A very gripping thriller which almost engages us till the end. The climax couldn’t have been better!”

Could the person sitting at the desk opposite you be a potential partner, new friend, psychokiller?
Chilling psycho-thriller SPIRAL helmed by HATCHET director Adam Green and co-directed by AVATAR’s Joel Moore, who also plays the creepy and unnerving lead Mason, a reclusive telesales worker with dark psychological undertones, makes its DVD debut courtesy of indi VISION.


The film follows lonely introvert Mason, an insurance company worker by day and talented artist and lover of Jazz by night. His only friend is his boss Berkeley (Zachary Levi – TV’s “Chuck”), who keeps an eye on him and humours his bizarre behaviour. When a vivacious co-worker Amber (Amber Tamblyn – THE RING) shows an interest in him he finds her friendliness soothes his disturbed mind, and he allows her into his world.


But the more Amber learns of Mason’s past the more she questions her safety as the unsettling mood grows. With a dark atmosphere that builds suspense and intrigue throughout, SPIRAL will keep you gripped until its shocking conclusion.