The Hunted (2003)

My Rating: 2.5/5 STARS
MovieStudio Quote >> “A gory thriller with top class cast and a blown off storyline!”

Director William Friedkin gave us a cop pushing hard against the criminal element deep within himself in the classic crime thriller “The French Connection.” He enhanced the meaning of “devil” for an entire generation and gave us a rare look at a man of God fighting a malignant force by admitting that he, too, was sinful in “The Exorcist.” And in “To Live and Die in L.A.,” he locked a single-minded cop and a career criminal into a power struggle that mapped the hypocrisies of their entire society. Now, in “The Hunted,” Friedkin explores man’s inner conflict over his own evils in the most primal, elemental way, by telling the story of a retired teacher of warfare (Tommy Lee Jones) who must battle his former student (Benicio Del Toro), a top special-forces assassin gone renegade. Paramount Pictures presents, in association with Lakeshore Entertainment, a Ricardo Mestres/Alphaville Production.

The Hunted

A William Friedkin Film starring Tommy Lee Jones and Benicio Del Toro, “The Hunted” also features Connie Nielson, Leslie Stefanson, John Finn, Jose Zuniga, Ron Canada, Mark Pellegrino and Lonny Chapman. The film is directed by William Friedkin and written by David Griffiths & Peter Griffiths and Art Monterastelli. Ricardo Mestres and James Jacks serve as producers. The executive producers are David Griffiths, Peter Griffiths, Marcus Viscidi and Sean Daniel and the co-producer is Art Monterastelli. Paramount Pictures is part of the entertainment operations of Viacom Inc., one of the world’s largest entertainment and media companies, and a leader in the production, promotion and distribution of entertainment news, sports and music. The film is rated R by the Motion Picture Association of America for strong bloody violence and some language.


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