Graduation (2008)

My Rating: 2/5 STARS
MovieStudio Quote >> “Below Average fun!

When a friend is in need of financial assistance, the logical next step is to plan a bank robbery. At least that was the conclusion of four high school friends about to embark on the next stage of their lives. The question is will they pull off this heist in time to toss their caps at graduation or have they gotten themselves way in over their heads? POLLY (Shannon Lucio), JACKSON (Chris Lowell), CHAUNCEY (Riley Smith), and CARL (Chris Marquette) are four best friends and graduating seniors. On the eve of graduation they are unsure about the different directions their lives are taking them. Polly is off to Harvard, which pleases her banker-father, DEAN (Adam Arkin). But her longtime boyfriend, Chauncey, finds himself heading to state college without her. Jackson, who has long had a crush on Polly, doesn’t know what he wants to do with his life despite advice from his step-dad, MIKE (Huey Lewis). And rebellious Carl is resigned to care for his mom.

Graduation But when Carl can no longer afford his mom’s care, and Polly catches her father in a lie, the four hatch a plan to rob her father’s bank on graduation day. To prepare they copy Dean’s keys and scope out his bank. But their perfect plan is quickly complicated by love; Polly falls for Jackson, and Carl pursues SUZY (Aimee Garcia,) one of the bank tellers. At Prom, as all conflicts come to a head, the gang learns Polly has become the class valedictorian. Because she’ll have to give a speech at the graduation ceremony, their plan is now more complicated than ever. On the day of their ceremony, as classmates prepare to graduate, the foursome slips into the bank to pull off the heist. But when their plan hits an obstacle, events quickly spin out of control. As cops surround the bank, the four have to figure a way out of their predicament or risk seeing their futures slip out of their hands.


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