Sherman’s Way (2009)

My Rating: 3/5 STARS
MovieStudio Quote >> “Everything comes in a package – moral, fun and romance!

Sherman’s Way starts with two strangers forced into a road trip of convenience only to veer off the path into a quirky exploration of friendship, fatherhood and the annoying task of finding one’s place in the world — a world in which one wrong turn can change your destination.

Sherman's WayThe discord begins when Sherman, (Michael Shulman) a young, uptight Ivy- Leaguer, finds himself stranded on the West Coast with an eccentric stranger and washed-up, middle-aged former athlete Palmer (James Le Gros) in an attempt to make it down to Beverly Hills in time for a career-making internship at a prestigious law firm. The two couldn’t be more incompatible. Palmer is a reckless charmer with a zest for life; Sherman is an arrogant snob with a sense of entitlement. Palmer is content reliving his past; Sherman is focused solely on his future. Neither is really living in the present. The only thing this odd couple seems to share is the refusal to accept responsibility for their lives.

Sherman's WayDirector Craig Saavedra brings his witty sensibility into this poignant look at fatherhood and friendship that features indie stalwart James Le Gros in an unapologetic performance that manages to bring undeniable charm to an otherwise abrasive character.


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