Three Kingdoms: Resurrection of the Dragon (2008)

My Rating: 5/5 STARS
MovieStudio Quote >> “Encore! The most glorious Chinese history flick ever!”

China is divided into three kingdoms, whose rulers try to unify the country by leading a war against each other. Zhao Zilong (Andy Lau) fights for the kingdom of Shu. He is introduced into military works by his friend Pingan (Sammo Hung).

Three Kingdoms

Three Kingdoms

Soon Zilong has quite some military achievements to his credit. When he even saves the son of emporer Liu from the hands of enemy general Cao Cao (Damian Lau), his military career receives an even greater boost. His deeds and his combat skills also earn him the respect of the honorable generals Guan Yu (Ti Lung) and Zhang Fei (Chen Zhihui), so that he soon fights alongside them in the war against the other two countries.

Three Kingdoms

Three Kingdoms

Many years go by, but the empire is still in pieces and the war continues. Zilong is the only one left of the great generals, by now. His victories are countless and he has even become a national hero. However, his biggest battle he has yet to fight against Cao Cao’s granddaughter Cao Ying (Maggie Q). Cao Ying doesn’t only prove to have extraordinary wits in tactics, but also has a secret ally in Zilong’s ranks. The “invincible warrior” enters the stage of his last battle…

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