Perkins’ 14 (2009)

My Rating : 3/5 STARS
MovieStudio Quote >> “Quite slow, but quite gory and suspense filled!”

A decade ago, 14 people–including the son of policeman Dwayne Hopper–disappeared with almost no clues as to their whereabouts. When Dwayne meets a prisoner named Perkins who could be a suspect in the old case, he murders him in anger over his son who is presumed dead.

Perkins' 14

Perkins' 14

But his son and the 13 others aren’t dead; they’ve been brainwashed and now they are capable of murder. This is the second After Dark Horrorfest offering from Craig Singer, who also directed the 2006 film DARK RIDE.


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  1. Only 3 out of 5? HAHA! I thought this one was really amazing. The tension built up throughout the beginning of the movie was awesome. While the tension was lost towards the end, the gore really jacked up and I really enjoyed it.

  2. Hey Hagi,

    Sorry I expected a lot. But it was going. Quite. Fun with all the eating and stuff, something deep story was missing. The movie was overall slow. And I have many FAQ’s yet to be answered! I dont like it when FAQ’s arise when watchin a movie! Im sure u too dont.

  3. I liked the way it built up at the beginning. That might have to do with the fact that I have kids though and it stirred emotions in me when he’s thinking of his son being kidnapped.

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