Fast Track – No Limits (2008)

My Rating : ***

Speed. Its exhilaration. Its freedom. Its risk. Its escape. Its sex. And its money fast money, quickly won and quickly lost. But for four young people living in Germany, speed is something else entirely. Its a way of life and the only way they know that they’re alive. They need to prove it to themselves every second of every day and not just in their cars and not just on the streets.

Speed has a price…and the cost isn’t always measured in cash. Sometimes they have to pay with a piece of their soul, a measure of their freedom, or one of their dreams. Sometimes they have to pay in blood. This is what bind our four characters togetherand what tears them apart.

Fast Track No Limits

Fast Track No Limits

KATIE runs her father’s car repair shop by day…and by night it becomes a hotspot of the racing underworld. Her father spent years restoring a vintage Ford Mustang but died of cancer before it was done. She loves speed and lives vicariously through the racers who are in dept to her for their cars. For Katie, each day is a race to stay ahead of creditors and out-run the pain of losing her family. The garage is her center of gravity and she will do anything to keep it.

MIKE is an American who delivers pizzas on a scooter. He’s an orphan who spent his entire life running from someone or something. He lives life to fullest and never thinks of consequences. Cars are like extensions of his body…a natural fusion of man and machine. He was the getaway driver in a crime-gone-wrong in the U.S. and had to flee to Germany. So by day, he delivers pizza and by night he drives Katies carswhen he isnt moonlighting as a driver for the local mob boss.

ERIC is a rookie cop who tickets people for speeding then tears up the street at night as a street racer. Everyone in the close circle of Katies garage knows he’s a cop… but if his bosses find out, he’ll lose his badge…and if other racers find out, he’ll lose his life. He comes from a war-torn country and never had any control over his life. His family fled to Germany, found peace. Now he’s torn between two worlds…and his loyalties are always tested. Especially when it comes to Katie, his lover.

And there’s NICOLE, a young woman whose rich, older husband gives her plenty of freedom. She has fallen in love with street racing and has a natural affinity for it. So she buys a car and has Katie trick it out with enough skull-cracking, bloodpumping horsepower and amps to make anyone who looks at it spontaneously combust. Nicole has the same effect on menespecially Mike. In a race, it not the cars that thrill and enthrall us, its the driversand whats driving them. Its the conflict between these characters, their struggle to survive and achieve their dreams that FAST TRACK is all about.


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